Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement projects and priority are established by the Board of Directors  at the monthly Board meetings

1. Community back-flow - implement per California Division of Drinking Water.

2. Y tank retaining wall/driveway improvements (shared with the North Aldercroft Association).

3. Replace water and electrical lines between creek intake sump and water tanks on county road ; replace water lines from raw water tanks on county road up to raw water tank at Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP).

Other items requiring attention (as per our meeting with Bracewell Engineering on May 28, 2019  

Completed Capital Improvement Projects

1. Replaced raw water, treatment, and backwash pumps in SWTP.

2. Relocated CL10 chlorine analyzer to Pollard Tank outflow and installed CL17 at SWTP output.

3. Repaired blower motor used during SWTP backwash operation.

Y Tank Liner Replacement (per CA DDW), 2017:

Y Tank Roof Replacement, 2017:



Drilling the Well, 2015:

The following Capital Improvement project has reached completion in 2013:

A 12’ wide 22’ long steel grate bridge resting on steel beams and reinforced concrete piers has been built at the site of the old wooden bridge.  It is rated to support 6 tons  (12,000 lbs.).   In conjunction with the bridge, the dirt road either side has been graded to create an evacuation route.  This bridge also allows AHCWD to service one of its storage tanks.

The first two pictures are of the old bridge.


Construction photographs of the new bridge, begun August 2013.


New evacuation route bridge, completed September 13, 2013.